Ashraqat Company Participation in the 17th Edition of the BMG Economic Forum in London

In an important step and qualitative participation, Ashraqat Company participates in the BMG Economic Forum held at the London Stock Exchange,

on July 3, 2024.

This participation provides an opportunity for Ashraqat to showcase its achievements and future projects, and to exchange experiences with an elite group of speakers and participants from both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Britain. It also reflects Ashraqat’s continued commitment to everything that achieves its distinction and development in the financial market.
The forum will address several important topics, including:
– Achievements of the Capital Market Authority.
Transforming Hajj and Umrah companies and its IPOs.
– Dual listing between Riyadh and London.
Ashraqat Company is represented in this forum by a number of members of the Board of Directors:
– Mr. Ahmed Yahya
– Mr. Fouad Bisharah
– Ms. Izdihar Allaf

Mr. Fouad Bishara will be the official spokesman for Ashraqat in a dialogue session “Initial Public Offering of Hajj and Umrah Companies in the Financial Market”

We hope that this participation will be an opportunity to strengthen relations and exchange innovative ideas and visions through which we seek to initiate a qualitative shift for Ashraqat Company and prepare for its entry into the global financial market and achieve the best returns and benefits for the company and its shareholders.
We look forward to active and fruitful participation in the Forum’s activities and programs, and we wish the members of our Board of Directors success in their mission.
Best Regards,

Muhammad Maajini
Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ashraqat Company

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